Zeta Tau Alpha Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month



BETHANY, W.Va --Saturday, September 27, 2014, the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha held their annual Pink Out event for the fall semester at Bethany College. Students and faculty of Bethany College were invited to attend the football game that evening, and to wear pink clothing in support of breast cancer awareness.

Zeta Tau Alpha fundraises multiple times throughout the school year in order to raise awareness for breast cancer.  Saturday was the second event that Zeta has held this year to help fundraise for breast cancer awareness.  Previously, Zeta sponsored a color run for the town of Bethany, W.Va; in which over $1,000 was raised.  At the Pink Out game, a 50/50 raffle was held which generated $150 for breast cancer awareness.  

After speaking with Pink Out Coordinator Abby Renko, she commented, “the football game on Saturday was a great game for the students of Bethany College to come out and support breast cancer because the Bison were facing the Waynesburg Yellow Jackets.  The Yellow Jackets are known as one of Bethany’s biggest rivals. Traditionally the pink out game would be held during the month of October but unfortunately, the Bethany football team only has one home game during October and that would be homecoming.  We did not want the two events to overlap with each other.”

October is known across the country as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” There are multiple events that help to promote the awareness of breast cancer.  For instance, Major League Baseball has a breast cancer awareness day that is held on Mother’s Day.  Baseball bats, gloves, and even baseballs all have symbols that are either partially pink or entirely pink to represent breast cancer.  During the entire month of October, the National Football League pays tribute to breast cancer and also donates a large portion of its revenue to breast cancer research.  Throughout the entire month, it is easy to see many of the National Football League’s players wearing bright pink armbands as well as pink cleats and towels.  All of these symbols allow the cause to standout increase awareness for the fans across the country.

The NFL is holding one special day, October 25, 2014, and considering it to be “A Crucial Catch Day.”  According to NFL.com, A Crucial Catch Day is a day that the NFL will hold in order to help provide free breast cancer education as well as free breast cancer screenings for women across the country.  In the past, the NFL has been able to educated almost 72,000 women and has provided free or low cost screenings to roughly 10,000 women.

The Bethany College football team is one of the many sports programs that help to raise awareness for breast cancer.  Among the other sports are women’s soccer, both the men’s and women’s basketball teams, and the baseball team.  Zeta helps to sponsor all of these events throughout the entire school year.  

Renko stated that, “One of the next events to look forward to from the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha is the Big Man On Campus pageant which is going to take place on Thursday, October 9, 2014. All of the proceeds will help to aid in the research of breast cancer and education.  We are looking for any male on campus who has any type of talent to participate.”

The sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha have surely been keeping up with their philanthropy events and have been spreading the word about breast cancer awareness.  All students are welcome to participate in their events and help to raise awareness on the subject themselves.  


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