Zeta Tau Alpha Gets Colorful



BETHANY, W.Va -- On September 14, 2014, Bethany College students crossed the finish line of Zeta Tau Alpha’s Second Annual Color Run. The participants were covered from head to toe in a wide variety of bright, beautiful colors. 

The color run is an event that is utilized to spread awareness for breast cancer.  Each participant or “color runner” began at the starting line wearing all white clothing.  Once the race begins, the participants take off and are splattered by different colors at each kilometer mark.  The goal is not to see who finishes the five kilometers first, but to see who has the most fun while completely covered in color dust by the end of the race. 

The goal of the color run is not only to spread awareness of breast cancer, but the event also promotes a healthy lifestyle by exercising.  This healthy lifestyle is meant to boost the morale of all who participate.  The color run is a non-competitive event and all that are interested are welcome to participate.  It is open to people of all ages and fitness levels.  First-time runners or even the most experienced athletes are welcome to partake in the festivities that happen during the color run.

This was the second time that the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha held this event and the result was great.  The race itself took place on the Bethany College cross country course.  The coordinator of the color run Abby Renko stated, “This year’s color run was really successful.  We managed to reach our overall goal by raising over $1,000 from the event.  All of this money will be donated to the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation, which supports breast cancer education and awareness.  After seeing how successful this year’s event was, myself and the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha cannot wait for the upcoming events that we have planned for the rest of the school year.”

There was a total of forty-eight participants that ran in this year’s color run.  This included some of Bethany College’s faculty as well as Bethany College students. Many of the participants were Bethany College freshmen who have never been able to experience a color run before.  The color run was offered as one of the connection courses that the freshmen can partake in throughout their first semester at Bethany. 

Renko has hopes to expand the color run next year by reaching out to bigger communities across the Wheeling,W.Va area in order to help gain more participants and raise more money to aid in the breast cancer education and awareness.

Some other events that the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha are hosting this upcoming school year include the Big Man on Campus, the Pink Out Football Game, and a trip to a Wheeling Nailers ice hockey game. All Bethany College students are welcome to attend these events and help donate to a worthy cause.


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