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Bethany College is currently holding its 2nd annual UNframed and INstalled art show.  This event is being held in the Renner Art Gallery from February 18th till March 16, 2013.

"Grace is Amazing" (photo by NOELLE WRIGHT)

The pieces being displayed in the event are featuring the works of visual art seniors and faculty. The visual art seniors and faculty who have pieces in the show include the following: Professor of Fine Arts Kenn Morgan ’71,  Assistant Professor of Arts Aaron Anslow ’06, Lecturer in Art History Maggie Brauner Person, students of class ’13 Tori Springgs and Liz Kletze, students of class 13’ Carl Cosentino and Brennan Davies and Kayla Smuck class of ’13

The pieces being displayed in the show are considered Assemblage/Installations, which were not seen in art galleries until the 1960’s and 70’s. These concepts are used to create unconventional pieces of art, not your average painting or sculpture seen in most art galleries.  An assemblage is an artistic process that consists of making three-dimensional or two-dimensional compositions by putting together objects that are found naturally. Installation describes an artistic genre of 3-dimensional works that are often designed to transform the perception of space.  The general concept of this type of art is to combine two-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces in order to capture the image. 

Aaron Anslow is presenting a piece called Sagger Series. This sagger piece is being used to demonstrate how sometimes the greatest pieces of art are accidents. A sagger is a side effect from firing pottery in a kiln.  He created pottery that would be fired in the kiln in hope to capture these saggars that happens naturally in the kiln. 

The Common Ground of Earthborn Creatures

Maggie Brauner Person is presenting a piece called Bones Endure. She wanted to capture the spirit of an animal after the animal has passed away.  She used treated clay that she dug herself in Sierra Nevada to make fossil like bones.  She thought that the bones that remain are a beautiful natural sculpture and she wanted to recreate this.

Tori Spriggs and Liz Kletzli are displaying a piece called Pixel Perfect.  This piece touches on the increasing abuse of technological use in everyone’s daily lives and how it negatively affects the purity of the natural human interaction. 

Kenn Morgan is displaying a piece called Grace is Amazing.  To Kenn, this piece helps him remember what his parents taught him.  He wanted this piece to help everyone remember how fortunate they really are and how less fortunate other people can be and how ignorant people are to the less fortunate. 

Kayla Smuck is displaying a piece called The Things That Break Us Make Us.   She uses this piece to expresses her emotions of what makes her who she is.  To her this piece represents the struggles her and her family have gone through and how those struggles have made her into the person she is today.

Carl Cosentino and Brennan Davies are displaying a piece called The Common Ground of Earthborn Creatures. This piece is used to remind everyone that life is not forever and not to take for granted the time you have with one another. 

Zack Whitfield, a student at Bethany College who has already been to the art show, said that the art was inspiring, and he encourages more people to take the time to see what Visual Arts students and faculty are creating.

Another student, John Sticha said, “it was an interesting introduction to various mediums of art,” and he would like to attend more shows in the future.

The artists have their own interpretations of their art, but see how the artwork affects you, whether you have the same interpretation or a completely different one. The beauty of art is that the interpretation is left up to the viewer.  Stop by and check out what your fellow students and professors have been diligently creating.


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