Things to do on Thanksgiving break


TOWER staff writer

We are finally in the home stretch for thanksgiving break, only one week away and our visit to relaxation land begins. We won’t have to worry about tests, papers, meetings or presentations, or the sound of the alarm clock waking us from our lucid dreams. Home cooked meals and warm hugs from our family are only a few short days away.

I interviewed the Tower Online staff to see what they do for Thanksgiving break. Sean Hammond said, “ I like to go ice skating and go skiing sometimes.” Nick Plesce said he likes to go home and hang out with his brothers. He also travels to PA to visit family. Ciara Clements plans on going to her boyfriend Matt Sipos’s house to celebrate thanksgiving and she also plans on cooking a lot. Steven Newhall plans on traveling to Inwood,WV to work 65 hours at the local Target. George Cothran plans on going to Lamb of God concert in Stage AE in Pittsburgh and he wants to hang out with old friend.

I plan on going home and spending some quality time with my family. Every year my dad and I go black Friday shopping. Unfortunately, my mom doesn’t get to go with us. She works at Sarris candy and always works the day after thanksgiving getting ready for the Christmas season. Black Friday shopping is one huge event that happens the day after Thanksgiving. My dad and I go to the market district and eat at the same BBQ place every year. We sit at on the balcony that overlooks the food court, plan out our day store by store and listen to the live Christmas music playing. Although we still participate in black Friday events, my dad and I believe that the day after Christmas is the best day of the year to snag the greatest deals. 

I have an enormous family and thanksgiving is always held at my house because my mom is considered the best cook. She has been passed down the secret family recipe for my grandfather’s gravy that everyone knows and loves. Everyone comes to our house at around 1 p.m. on Thanksgiving and we always have a marvelous time. I believe we don’t spend enough time with family because of technology. So this Thanksgiving break I am truly looking forward to catching up with my family, reminiscing on old memories and making some new ones. Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving break everyone. 


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