The Haunts at Bethany College



TOWER staff writer

Have you ever felt as though someone was watching you while you sleep in your dormitory? Have you ever thought you heard footsteps and checked outside your room but no one was there? I have. We have all heard the ghost’s stories that happened on campus. One story is of “Sarah” a young woman who is known for roaming the halls of Phillips because her soul is still trapped inside her beloved dormitory where she hung herself in the attic.

Another story is that in the winter time you can see a little boy in pure daylight pulling his sled all throughout campus on a snowy white day. Another legend is that a foreign exchange student jumped to his death from the clock tower and at the same time each night you can see the boy standing up in the clock tower. No one will ever know if any of these stories are true but I’m about to tell you a ghost story that is true. The reason I know it’s true is because this ghost story happened to me.

My freshman year I lived in Phillips hall. I had heard about all the “Sarah” stories before I moved in, but I didn’t let that bother me until one night in September when my roommate and her boyfriend came back from their date and they were fighting. I didn’t say much because I could feel the tension in the air. Within about a half hour they resolved things and we went about our night. We were watching TV when we heard footsteps above us. Now we know that we had to be imagining things because we lived on the third floor so that meant that no one lived above us. We tried to ignore it and continued to watch TV. Then we heard light scratches from inside our closet doors, getting worried we turned the TV up louder. We apparently made the spirit very angry because when we turned the TV up louder the scratching and banging from inside our closets got louder and louder. We got so frightened that we had to go to stay the night at Campbell village. When we got to CV and calmed down we began to research the myth’s of “Sarah”. What we found out was that she did not like having men in the dormitory and that she really didn’t like when couples would fight. We still believe to this day that it was “Sarah” giving us a warning to stop with the negativity and to get the man out of the room.

I am now a junior and still live in Phillips hall. Although I haven’t had any more occurrences with “Sarah” I still believe she is roaming the halls. I don’t believe she would ever harm anyone but I know that she will give someone quite a fright.


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