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Jessica Miller, Harbinger Editor

Bethany is once again accepting creative works for publication in The Harbinger.

The Harbinger is Bethany’s annual literary magazine produced by Dr. Jessie Janeshek and the English Department. It traditionally has featured all types of creative works by the students at Bethany, from all majors.

“It is very diverse,” says editor Jessica Miller.

Miller became interested in assuming the position of editor after attending her first Harbinger release party. Her photography also contributed to her interest in publishing other students’ creative works as well as her own.

The Harbinger is a creative outlet for all of the students of Bethany. It is a means for them to submit creative works that they are proud of or that have significant meaning to them. All types of creativity are accepted and published.

Submissions include short stories, poetry, fiction works, and photographs.

“We are also incorporating a new genre this year at the request of the students, short plays,” says Miller.

The staff and students working on the magazine are excited at this new addition to the collection of works. Another addition is that now professors are being invited to submit their works for publication as well. This is the first time the option has been open for professors in many years.

The creative works are all anonymous to the Harbinger staff that reads through the submissions and picks out the most creative and inspiring works for publication. After publication, the names of the author, playwright, or photographer are once again united with their work.

The final change being made this year with The Harbinger is its publication in the fall. The staff hopes to eventually publish  one magazine each semester.


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