Students Return to Campus from Spring Break Travels - Where Did They Go?


 BETHANY W.Va. - From Ireland to Costa Rica and then to the States! Students make their travels back to Bethany at the end of Spring Break.

 Bethany Students came back to their classes this past week because Spring Break is over! The students traveled back to Bethany's 1,300-acre campus these past few days ready to get back to their academics, clubs, organizations, and peers. 

 Spring Break was from Saturday, March 11 to Sunday, March 19 for the Bethany College students. Many students took this opportunity to go home, travel, work, do service, or relax. 

 Two groups of students went out of the country for their own service trips. The Student Activities Council took 10 students to Belfast, Ireland for a college sponsored service trip. These 10 students and advisor had a blast working with multiple after-school programs and exploring Ireland. To find out more about their trip click here!

 Another group traveled to Costa Rica. The Business Club and the Spanish Club partnered up to take 9 students and an advisor to spend their spring break doing service. This group volunteered their time to work with students as well in the country. These fellow Bethanians had a blast learning about Costa Rica’s rich history and culture while serving the mission of the college by volunteering. 

 The majority of students stayed in the United States during their week-long break. Some went home to see their family and their beloved family pets. Bethany Senior, Christine Pray traveled 6 hours back to her home in Canton, Michigan for her break. Christine expressed how important it is to use this time to see her family pets.  She said, “It's important to go home for spring break to see your pets because you've been gone for so long and they miss you...and they are therapeutic and help you de-stress from classes.” Christine, just like many students, have great pleasure in seeing their family pets during break!

 Another student, Junior, Christopher Ray spent his time with his family in Bethany’s neighbor state of Virginia. Christopher also brought two of his fraternity brothers to Virginia with him so he could get the best of both worlds with seeing his family and friends. Christopher described spring break as, “a great time to take the much-needed rest from school to relax with friends and family.” He also spent much of his time by the waters of the Great Wicomico River at his family’s river home. Many students like Chris spent time by the water during Spring Break. 

 The Baseball Team and Softball Team all traveled down to see the coastal water and to play the sport they love in the sunshine state of Florida. The two teams used their Spring Break as training trips for their sport. During the week each teams practiced hard. The Baseball and Softball Teams both participated in tournaments with teams in Florida. 

 The Track team also had a coastal spring break in Myrtle Beach. They spent a week prancing, working hard, and also went to a meet where they were able to show off their talents. 

 Overall, spring break is always popular among the students because at Bethany, students are given opportunities to go on service trips, play sports in different states, or just go home to relax! 

 The big question is “What happens to the campus during Spring Break?”

 Staff member Stephanie Gordon, who is the Administrative Assistant to the Office of the President, gives The Tower the inside scoop on campus life while the students are away.  She said, “The students are the life of the campus. During breaks, the campus becomes extremely quiet; almost entirely so.”

 Today, the campus is not that same quiet, still place as it was during spring break. As the students came back, the campus went back to being busy and full of quick steps to classes, students studying in campus spaces, and faculty and staff working to keep up! 

 From now, there are about 8 weeks of classes until summer vacation. The Tower wishes the students, faculty, and staff good luck in their classes and work for the next few weeks until break. 


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