Spanish Club Recaps Spain Trip



BETHANY, W.Va. – On Thursday March 26, the Bethany College Spanish Club gave a special presentation about their trip to Spain to Bethany faculty and staff. Spanish professor and Spanish Club advisor Dr. Joseph Lovano accompanied seven students on the trip. The group traveled to the Spanish cities of Cordoba, Seville, Madrid, and Granada.

They toured historical sites like the Alhambra Palace and Seville’s Cathedral, where they were able to witness the Moorish influence on Spanish architecture. Queen Isabelle cast the Moors and Jews out of Spain during the Spanish Inquisition, but remnants of their cultures like the Moorish architecture, as well as things like the Jewish Quarter and a few synagogues remain. However, most of these buildings were turned into churches.

On their way to such tourist-heavy destinations, the group learned of the subcultural group of the Roma people. Groups of Roma families could be seen selling knick-knacks and rosemary to tourists. Although it was not clear by the tour guide’s explanation whether the “gypsies”, as they are called, are cast out by Spaniards from society or whether they choose to isolate themselves, it was explained that they live together in certain apartment complexes or in apartment-like caves in the sides of mountains.

The club started their first night in Madrid at a tapas restaurant and were able to sample foods like octopus in olive oil, cured ham, manchego cheese, and anchovies. In Seville, the group was able to witness a genuine Flamenco dance show.

Spanish Club students stress the importance of trips like these not only to see historical site, but to learn about culture as well. Two of the seven students who went on the trip are Spanish minors who were able to use their language skills to communicate with local people about their culture. 


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