Small Bethany's Big Digital Steps! 


TOWER staff writer

It’s a new school year, and that means a new stream of stories from The Tower Newspaper. And for another year you won’t be picking up hard copy at the library. Now why is that? Well, it seems Bethany College  is encouraging the Campus Media Experiences, events and clubs toward an online function and future.

Two notable organizations are The Tower Online and Bethany’s radio station WVBC. Since Tower has not been printing weekly hardcopies of the news, the focus is continuing to shift toward an ever changing and updated online version that takes the look and feel of an online newspaper site with quick links to important stories, ranging from sports to news, and everything in between. This new online format will allow the staff of The Tower Online to update the “paper” almost daily with stories about recent events that a weekly printed copy can’t contend with.

With this change to online how does this affect other media outlets here on campus? When it comes to the radio, Bethany College is focusing on the online streaming service rather than a traditional FM radio station, in fact, the ability to listen to WVBC on a car radio will not even be available. The focus is to reach a wider range of listeners all across the world, with the capability of reaching Bethany alumni scattered across the world. Now what about non-academic experiences like clubs and campus activities? Any campus organization that comes together to host an event, the first incentive is to successfully advertise their organization which usually means placing posters everywhere, on walls, doors, staircases, maybe even in your soup at the cafeteria. Yet more effective ways of reaching the people with popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have replaced ceremonies of hanging banners.

On campus organizations can easily spread the word by posting the necessary information to these sites, allowing all of their friends or followers to view this information on any Internet accessible device. Along with many other higher education institutions across the United States, Bethany College has embraced the new digital age that we now live in and has done so with great success. This new digital age will allow for the students of Bethany College to obtain information in real time, with the simple click of a button. Everyday new advances will be made with digital technology, and Bethany College will adapt to ensure that the school can offer its students the opportunity to experience the advances in the digital world in 2013 and beyond!


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