by Rich Oliver
TOWER staff writer

We have reached that pivotal part of the year in which the “comping” seniors get to finish up with classes early. This is a time of celebration and accomplishment, but also sadness for many. They have spent four years growing and learning under the guidance of caring professors, and now the real world waits. Some will jump right into the reality, and some will take the summer as their last chance to prepare. The truth remains the same, though: it is now time to spread their wings and fly.

This last week has consisted of finishing up classes and some exams, though to seniors awaiting comps, these tests probably feel like a breeze. Comps, a Bethany tradition, will test students on a comprehensive level, and show exactly what they have learned in their time here. Many students panic leading up to their comps, only to come out realizing they were better prepared than they could ever have imagined. In that sense these seniors, much like the ones before them, will feel a sense of pride afterwards.

They finish up before the other students so that they can study and submerge themselves in four years’ worth of notes. Though this time is all about studying, there is some fun to be had. This year seniors will be going to Kennywood Park to get off campus and clear their minds. This is just one of the fun things prepared for them, because if they do nothing but study, they risk frying their brains. After all, they have been preparing for this for four years, they have lived it every day and could not be more ready. 


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