Red Bison Week Returns to Bethany College Campus with the Power of a Photograph

TOWER staff writer

This year Red Bison Week returned for its third consecutive year, greeting the campus earlier than ever. On September 3rd, 2013 at 7:00 PM, a week of informational panels regarding sexual assault prevention was presented by the Brothers of Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Chapter fraternity on Bethany Campus. This year the producers of Red Bison Week, collectively the Brothers of Phi Kappa Tau, but specifically Phi Kappa Tau President Evan Marmie, were in charge of creating a buzz on the Bethany College campus. Evan Marmie brought in Jessica Miller, a campus renowned photographer, an aspiring professional, to the project. The basics were simple: generate a poster that’s noticeable and direct but informative; the premise—to use black duct tape to cover the mouths of students, representing an unspoken voice.

            Jessica Miller contacted a group of, as she says “recognizable people on campus that are intelligent, funny, and involved in many different organizations.” These individuals were invited to a photo shoot, staged in front of a large hanging white sheet on Tuesday to kick-off of Red Bison Week. Upon their arrival, the models were quickly strapped with duct tape and thrown in front of the lens. With precision and ease, Jessica Miller snapped shots and arranged model poses.  “The symbolism of the black duck tape is to show the negativity and awful experiences we are speaking out against,” says Jessica Miller, referring to the black tape repressing the models silenced voices. She goes on to say that, “Red Bison Week break down the barriers of sexual assault, and it is my hope that our pictures convey this very message.”


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