Problems with “The Wellness Center”




TOWER staff writer


            Have you ever been sick past 4:30p.m on a weekday or needed to see a nurse on the weekend? I have. It’s a sad day when you’re sick to begin with but there is no way for you to get to Robert C. Byrd Health and Wellness center without skipping class, it just makes your day worse. Sneezing, coughing, and lack of sleep are the last things you want as a college student. Being as busy as we are we do not have any time to be sick. There is only one doctor that visits in the morning three days a week. If you have class there is no way to see him other than to skip class, Even if you do skip class there is going to be a wait because he is only there a limited amount of time.

            On the weekend I believe that the wellness center should be open all day and all night. This is when most students have a chance to catch up on all the things they didn’t get to do throughout the week. Students also tend to go to parties and this is when the school needs a nurse on staff the most. I suffer from stomachaches often and when they have no answer they suggest going to the hospital. I don’t have the money or resources to get to the hospital and they do not have shuttles that will take you to the hospital.

            I had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Weber. A sophomore, at Bethany College and I asked what she would change about the wellness center.

Her response was “just having one doctor is not enough, there should be a doctor that comes in at least on Sunday’s to assure students didn’t get injured over the weekend.” Amanda also states that “The wellness center” should put more money into buying better condoms because the kind that they have are some of the cheapest condoms you can buy. There are a lot of events dedicated to having safe sex, so why not provide the best condoms possible.

            I also interviewed freshman Jesse Lanthrop who says he has only been there twice, and that they were very good to him. He also said that he enjoyed the taste of their cough drops and they had a good variety to choose from. Jesse said he would not change a thing.

            Last, I interviewed Scott Weber who is a senior at Bethany College. He said that his freshman year he was at the wellness center very often. “The staff is all really nice but they are never available.” He said. Scott has learned to take care of himself without medical assistance at Bethany College. Scott agrees that the wellness center should be open at all times.

            Someone can become ill at any time; my hope for future Bethany College students is that wellness will be open around the clock during weekdays and weekends. We all love the staff at the wellness center but I think we all can agree that they need help. Two people cannot take care of a whole college campus. Hopefully, in the future they will get the help they deserve. As for now my best advice is to go to the wellness center on your lunch break or try to dodge the “Bethany plague.”


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