Phi Mu Held 3rd Annual 3 on 3 Event


 BETHANY, W.Va. On Sunday, April 3, the sisters of Phi Mu held a successful philanthropy event raising a total of $800. The event was their traditional 3 on 3 basketball tournament where teams of three to four participated to win a trophy and, of course, to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Nineteen teams participated and the overall winners were those on Cassandraers team (Cassy Swihart, Zach Nahra, Liam Davis, Dylan Salmon). 

Anna Riddle, Phi Mu’s Philanthropy Chairman, had nothing but good remarks to say about the event and also gave a little more detail. She said, “Prior to the event, sisters of Phi Mu went around local businesses asking for donations and ended up having twenty-four baskets. On top of the raffles available at the event, we also had a buffet with wings donated from Buffalo Wild Wings, along with other dishes that we prepared ourselves. Flyers were hung up around campus advertising the event, and registration tables were held in the cafeteria. We had a ton of people sign up at the tables in addition to emailing me about being interested.”

Riddle also stated that at the event Phi Mu received monetary donations from businesses and other donors to go straight to Children’s Miracle Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia. She finished her interview by exclaiming, “I was overwhelmed by the amount of support we received from campus. I honestly didn't think that we would raise that much money for a single philanthropy event. We overshot our original goal by $300 which is absolutely wonderful.  I'm so thankful for everyone who came out and supported CMNH and my sisters who helped every step of the way.”

I interviewed Kyle Wales, a participant in the tournament, on his overall experience and thoughts. Wales responded enthusiastically, “The 3 on 3 co-ed basketball tournament held by Phi Mu was an amazing turnout. Everyone had an amazing time playing and supporting Phi Mu’s philanthropy Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. The food offered at the event was diverse and delicious! Everyone was extremely helpful and understanding throughout the entire event. Even though my team didn’t make it to the semi-finals, we still had a blast hanging out and supporting another Greek organization.”

Phi Mu raising $800 is great for Bethany being such a small campus.


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