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The Resident Assistant squad has undergone many changes this year, the recent change with the biggest impact being the induction of three new members. After some of the RA’s had to resign for various reasons, Richard Oliver, Jacob Fischer and Kyle Wales stepped up to fill in.

Oliver has taken up the position on the third floor of Cochran Hall. Jacob Fischer came into position in CV2, and Wales is stationed as a CV1 Resident Assistant.

Oliver and Fischer started during one of the hardest months, January Term. But they were quick to pick up on the responsibilities and were both awarded “RA of the Month.”  Fischer commented, “Coming in at the change of the semester, I feel that it's a little difficult to really get to know your residents. I've made an attempt, but in such a closed-door community as the CVs, it’s difficult to build very good relationships with residents.”

Wales jumped into the group the second week of Spring Term. Wanting to make a difference through his position, he said, “I wanted to be an RA so I could keep the campus safe. I know there are problems in the CVs, I want to change that.”

The Resident Assistants are a key part of the student body here at Bethany. They are put in place to be the first resources of help for the students. They provide advice, deal with roommate confrontations, act as a mediator for students having disagreements, provide a steady flow of information to keep the students informed, and also deal with building damages and complaints, making sure they are heard about by the faculty and staff members who can most effectively solve the problem.

On top of dealing with these more serious issues, RA’s try to build a true community within their buildings. They use door decorations to show their residents that they are welcome and acknowledged in the buildings. They get to show their creative side with the bulletin boards they design on every floor. These boards are meant to be both entertaining and informative to the students in that residence hall. Also, every RA hosts two programs a month.

Oliver is a theater major and an enthusiastic actor. He is attempting to put a new twist on programming, noting, “I want to combine my programs with my department, as a way to expand theatre prospects.”

This can be a serious job and RA’s are trained to handle every type of situation, including urgent matters to which they are usually the first responders.

When asked if they would reapply for the job, they all responded positively. For this interview Oliver said, “ I wanted to help out and make a difference. I love all aspects of the job, it is a challenge that I want to tackle. I hope to grow as a person. I wish I would have joined up sooner, this job is so rewarding.”


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