TOWER staff writer

The New Media Club is the newest addition to the student-run clubs on Bethany's campus.  Bethany College students James “Jimbo” Peterson, Joshua “Skip” Smith and Anthony “A.J.” Sparks are heading the launch of the New Media Club, previously known as the Mass Media Club, and taking it in a completely new direction.  Dr. Jason Smith is the club's advisor and has a lot of ideas and suggestions to help get the students going. 

The first meeting for the club took place on Thursday, September 14th.  Smith stated that “The first meeting went very well because we came up with ideas for projects,” although he wishes more students would have shown up.  The New Media Club is open to the entire campus, not just communications students, and members welcome all students to come to the meetings and bring many ideas along with them. 

The mission of the club is set to “enable and inspire all Bethany College students to create their own channel on YouTube or any highly recommended social networking site, and to post audio and video projects to their very own archive.”  The club plans to start out slow, with one project, and build on from that. 

The next meeting of the New Media Club will take place on Thursday, February 21, at 11:00 a.m. and will be open to anyone interested.


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