Bethany College Homecoming 2017

Home coming for Bethany College kicked off on Monday night with their annual pep rally, set up by the Student Activities Council.

It's On Us

This semester the Comm 413 Integrated Marketing II class launched their It’s On Us campaign. It’s On Us is a nationwide movement that stands to stop sexual assault and violence across all college campuses.

Keresty Lecture Speaker: Danny Rubin

During Communications week Spencer Patterson had the privilege to attend a speech on strategies on how to better your job search.

Keresty Lecture Summary: Danny H. Rubin

On Wednesday, September 27th, award-winning author Danny H. Rubin visited Bethany College to talk about business communication skills. This was a perfect event for all students looking for potential jobs and internships in the upcoming future.

It’s On Us: The 56th Annual Communications Week

The week of September 25th brings many things to Bethany. These many things include the vast group of alumni who will be returning to Bethany for Homecoming and conversations about civic responsibility and communication.

Welcome Home Bethanians

“Welcome Home Bethanians” has been echoed around the Old Main Halls and all the way to Alexander Campbell’s Mansion as the students of Bethany College start their Fall Semester.

Phi Mu Held 3rd Annual 3 on 3 Event

On Sunday, April 3, the sisters of Phi Mu held a successful philanthropy event raising a total of $800. The event was their traditional 3 on 3 basketball tournament where teams of three to four participated to win a trophy and, of course, to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Nineteen teams participated and the overall winners were those on Cassandraers team (Cassy Swihart, Zach Nahra, Liam Davis, Dylan Salmon).

Greeks to Have a Busy Spring Semester!

From the first Fraternity Oscars called ‘Froscars’ to Greek Sing, Campus Clean-up, and many more events, the Greek Community at Bethany College is having one heck of a busy and successful wrap up to their Spring 2017 semester here in little ole’ Bethany.

Students Return to Campus from Spring Break Travels - Where Did They Go?

From Ireland to Costa Rica and then to the States! Students make their travels back to Bethany at the end of Spring Break from their travels all over the world!

Bethany College Love

Bethany College was founded in 1840 by Alexander Campbell, a devout believer in Christ. The college was founded during the Restoration movement and is affiliated with the Disciples of Christ. Over the 107 years of being institutionalized, numerous students have walked this campus and are all a part of a special bond, which no one can quite explain.

Greek Life at Bethany College

It means something to be a Bethanian. There is a certain grand history that is tied to the college. When you are a Bethanian, you cannot help but want to be immersed in all of the traditions and history that come with the school. You want to know everything there is to possibly know about the place you call home for four years and for a lifetime. Often there are parts of Bethany that the students never come to know. This series is meant to teach those very parts.

Beta Theta Pi Tackles Leadership at Regional Convention

The Psi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi sent 6 men to develop their leadership skills to Cherry Hill, NJ this past weekend for their national Keystone Regional Leadership Conference. The 6 men headed to NJ on Friday, February 17.

Dengler's Dish

This week Alexis cooks up something new for us.

Finals Week at Bethany

With summer right around the corner, college students still have to take one last exam for their classes to reach sweet freedom. Students here at Bethany College have mixed emotions about finals

Comprehensive Exam Tips

Tips for Bethany College seniors on how to prepare for Comprehensive Exams.

Spanish Club Recaps Spain Trip

On Thursday March 26, the Bethany College Spanish Club gave a special presentation about their trip to Spain to Bethany faculty and staff. The group traveled to the Spanish cities of Cordoba, Seville, Madrid, and Granada.

Service Learning in Trinidad and Tobago

Eight Bethany College students spent spring break doing service work in the small village of Matelot, Trinidad and Tobago.

Does College Prepare Students for the Real World?

College helps students better themselves and prepares them for the real world. At least that is what we are told.

Bethany’s 14th annual Valentine’s Day poetry reading

It was almost too cold to feel the love in the air on Wednesday, February 14, but Bethanians and professors alike trudged through the snow to the Phillips Hall lounge for the Department of Humanities Valentine’s Day poetry reading. This was the department’s 14th annual reading.

Bethany Holds Formal Spring Sorority Recruitment

Every spring semester at Bethany College, Greek life takes in new members during formal recruitment week. Freshman and independent women go from house to house meeting and being hosted by each sorority so that by the end of the week, they can find their home away from home.

Bethany Celebrates Oktoberfest At Commencement Hall

On Thursday evening at 5 p.m., Student Life and German Club hosted Bethany’s annual Oktoberfest celebration in Commencement Hall. The event was open to all students and faculty with various types of German food and beverages. The German food was provided by Chartwell’s and consisted of warm kielbasa and sauerkraut, spatzel, cabbage, German potato salad, cold German slaw salad, and soft pretzels.

Social Issues Panel Discusses Homelessness

Have you ever thought about helping out the homeless people in your area but didn’t know the proper steps to helping them? Bethany College hosted a group of panelists on “The Issues with Homelessness in our Community” on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in the Weimer Lecture Hall.

Zeta Tau Alpha Holds Annual Big Man On Campus Competition

On October, 9, 2014, Zeta Tau Alpha held their annual Big Man on Campus talent show in Renner Too. Big Man on Campus is a competition where male students at Bethany College show off a talent which ranges from singing/dancing to stand-up comedy.

Zeta Tau Alpha Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Saturday, September 27, 2014, the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha held their annual Pink Out event for the fall semester at Bethany College. Students and faculty of Bethany College were invited to attend the football game that evening, and to wear pink clothing in support of breast cancer awareness.

Zeta Tau Alpha Gets Colorful

On September 14, 2014, Bethany College students crossed the finish line of Zeta Tau Alpha’s Second Annual Color Run. The participants were covered from head to toe in a wide variety of bright, beautiful colors. The color run is an event that is utilized to spread awareness for breast cancer.

Fall Convocation 2014

The students and faculty were addressed by Dr. Linda D. Lewis, a Professor of Neurology at the Columbia University Medical Center. Lewis presented her speech titled “Bethany College in the World”. Lewis is a Bethany College alumni from the class of 1961 and encouraged all students to pursue what they love. Bethany College is a liberal arts school where students are free to pursue whatever they feel is right for them in life, whether they want to be a professor or a musician.

Bethany College Seniors Prepare for Graduation

Time has flown by and another year is completed. Freshmen are now upperclassmen, sophomores are now juniors, and juniors are now veterans of the campus, and the graduating seniors are moving on to bigger and better things.

Bethany Students Travel Abroad for Spring Break

Spring Break is the time of year when everyone packs their bags and heads home to see friends and family and to get out of the cold weather. Bethany College offers various alternative spring breaks for students to attend. This year the History Club, which was led by Dr. Kappel, went to London while SAC’s (Student Activities Club) as their alternative spring break went to Jamaica to help with any community services they could while they were there.

Spring Break Stereotypes In Mexico

Spring Break is often regarded as one of the most anticipated weeks of the school year by college students. Coming off of the brutal winter the Northeast just experienced, and still experiencing to this day, students at Bethany College welcomed this Spring Break in particular with arms wide open.

The Hard Truth About Indecision

When we trace the root of indecision, we see that indecision is a manifestation of fear. Fear of what? It is fear of making the wrong decision.

How To Find Your Creative Groove

1. Watch a fun video or listen to some music. I have been pitching the idea of watching online videos, which I call no-calorie comfort food for the brain.

Five Interview Tips You Can Learn From Sorority Recruitment

1. Prepare in advance. Sorority sisters practice for weeks before recruitment actually begins. My chapter asks each other sample questions so we will all be prepared for the common ones and for the tough ones, too. We learn to infuse the answer with our own personality, but we learn that it is helpful to have already thought about the questions and answers.

Study Abroad In Oxford, England

A warm September afternoon with few, low clouds. Air traffic controls hum. A Virgin Atlantic flight taxis. A brief sleep later and...dawn. London, 6:58. I rush through Heathrow International, scurring through corridors. Three months’ worth of luggage rolling behind me.

Texting and the Virtual World of Cell Phones

“Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we're too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone.”-Steven Spielberg


The holidays are coming fast and with the celebrations, come the spirit of giving. With the seasons being in mind, local stores are preparing sales and the communities around the US are donating supplies to the needy.

Diwali Festival with Re-Phil Club

On Monday, November 4, Religion and Philosophy club sponsored Diwali, a Hindu holiday known as the celebration of lights. The club held the event in Renner Art Gallery at 7:30 pm for awareness about Hinduism while at the same time, serving as a connections course for freshmen.

Things to do on Thanksgiving break

We are finally in the home stretch for thanksgiving break, only one week away and our visit to relaxation land begins. Finally, We won’t have to worry about tests, papers, meetings or presentations, or the sound of the alarm clock waking us from our lucid dreams. Home cooked meals and warm hugs from our family are only a few short days away.

Problems with "The Wellness Center"

Have you ever been sick past 4:30p.m on a weekday or needed to see a nurse on the weekend? I have. It’s a sad day when you’re sick to begin with but there is no way for you to get to Robert C. Byrd Health and Wellness center without skipping class, it just makes your day worse.

Adventures of Jason Todd as RedHood

Imagine you had a partner in crime, you protect your city day and night, and one day your greatest enemy takes your partner away from you as a victim forever. What would you do if your partner mysteriously returns from the dead as a villain?

The Haunts at Bethany College

Have you ever felt as though someone was watching you while you sleep in your dormitory? Have you ever thought you heard footsteps and checked outside your room but no one was there? I have. We have all heard the ghost’s stories that happened on campus. One story is of “Sarah” a young woman who is known for roaming the halls of Phillips because her soul is still trapped inside her beloved dormitory where she hung herself in the attic.

Freshman 15 and Weight Gain

“The Freshman 15." A phrase that, when heard, often leave heads hanging in shame. It’s not that weight gain is bad, some people may enjoy it—but it’s undeniable that Americans, while being the most obese culture, have an affinity for weight loss and thinness.

October Culture at Bethany

October is almost over and Halloween is approaching. During this time, kids get to go out and do what they always do each year; dress up as their favorite characters and go door to door for candy. For college students, it is an opportunity to relive their childhoods and show off their best costumes. While many assume that Halloween is just for kids, the Halloween culture here at Bethany is alive and well among the students.

Big man on campus

It is finally October. the month everyone looks forward to for pumpkin lattes, Halloween, cooler weather, fall break and the changing of the seasons. For Zeta Tau Alpha, that means it’s the beginning of our busiest month as sorority members. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we Zeta’s take this month very seriously. As our philanthropy, we try to raise as much money as we can by holding “Pink Out” events.

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October, 2013 is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This October is dedicated to drawing attention to one of the most prevalent problems in communities, families, and intimate relationships. This month, many separate non-profit groups and organizations, such as the Domestic Violence Resource Center (DVRC), will organize events that build awareness and focus on the importance of creating and maintaining healthy relationships.

Facebook: Can You Trust it with Your Secrets?

Over the last few years, Facebook has become one of the most popular social media websites in the world. Some people use it as a digital journal or diary that anyone can read. To those who appreciate privacy, there are features such as limiting who can read your posts and only getting friend requests from people who are friends with one of your friends.

Fall break: a chance to hang out with your pets

The biggest question of the week asked by professors and friends is what do you have planned for fall break? While most people go away for fall break to exotic islands, I am planning on going home and hanging out with my pet rabbit, as most of you know my rabbit is my life. I get homesick, not because I miss my home but it is because I miss my rabbit.

Homecoming A Success?

To some who can remember, homecoming could have been the time of their life. There was alumni visiting, a cooled alcoholic beverage within inches of anyone on campus and an exciting football game. We were neck and neck with Grove City and escaped with a 34-31 victory.

How to handle the stress of being a college student

As we are all anxiously waiting to see our mid term grades, everyone is trying to make up the work that has fallen through the cracks throughout the first part of the semester as well as study for mid terms and turn in papers. The stress can be unbearable at times; I spoke with some students around campus and asked what they do when they get stressed.

Homecoming Culture

Can you imagine waking on a perfect Christmas morning? Your parents have the house spotless. There is a layer of snow outside. Un-opened presents are calling your name and a nice warm breakfast is waiting for you to eat.

A Look Into Chartwells

If you’re a student here at Bethany College, you’re most likely familiar with Chartwells, who is the school’s primary food supplier. Not only is their food served in the Ogden dining hall, but also in Boomer’s and the Beanery. The Beanery is more focused on lighter, breakfast fare, while Boomer’s has more of a pub style menu. The cafeteria has something different everyday, like pasta and tacos. And chicken patties are served for lunch every Wednesday.

Gun Safety/ Signs of Danger

With gun safety going into reformation and laws being passed. Many schools across the nation are taking a second look on what they can do to provide a better safety to their environment. However, what are the dangerous signs students should watch out for pertaining to gun safety.

Alcohol Simplified

Alcohol, chemically known as ethyl alcohol or “ethanol,” is the most widely used psychoactive by people. Alcohol affects the body and mind when it is absorbed through the walls of the stomach, and small intestine—and permeates into the bloodstream. Alcohol is then cycled through your body and ultimately to the brain, where it has its strongest effects.

Jessica’s Battle

Jessica Miller, 21, from Greensburg PA is a senior here at Bethany College. Her major here is English. Recently Jessica has overcome stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This is her story.

How to deal with a break up

“I still want to be friends…” that is the last thing I ever wanted to hear after being in a serious relationship for almost two years. Your whole body goes numb and you’re too shocked and broken to even say a word so you just stand there in silence as you listen to your now ex boyfriend explain why he cannot be with you anymore. The pain I felt on that day was a pain I’ve never felt before. Almost two years of memories all hits you at once. It’s true you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Bethany’s Different

College is different and the thought of going to a new place and living a different life can be very scary. However there is no need to freight for these six tips are perfect for any freshman new to the Bethany College scene.

Tips on Fighting the Bethany Plague

Are you feeling sick? Do you have an illness that’s preventing you from attending class or an organization meeting? You may have a bad case of what we at Bethany call the “Bethany Plague”. You may be asking, “What is the Bethany Plague?” Good question! The Bethany Plague is a cold or minor flu that most students here at Bethany College get usually during the autumn season. It can be a real nuisance, especially if you are a freshman. Since college-based classes require you to attend class more than high school classes do, it can hinder your ability to learn the material taught in class since so much is being taught in one session, thus being detrimental to your grades.

Red Bison Week

This year Red Bison Week returned for its third consecutive year, greeting the campus earlier than ever. On September 3rd, 2013 at 7:00 PM, a week of informational panels regarding sexual assault prevention was presented by the


It is the start of a new year for the Tower Online and it has been revamped to bring the stories that are most important to the students of Bethany College! We are excited to promote the goals of the Tower Online

Small Bethany's Big Digital Steps!

It’s a new school year, and that means a new stream of stories from The Tower Newspaper. And for another year you won’t be picking up hard copy at the library. Now why is that? Well, it seems Bethany College is encouraging the Campus Media Experiences, events and clubs toward an online function and future.

Campus Cleanup for the House of Carpenters

Seniors’ Last Week

Put off your Procrastination

UNframed & UNinstalled

The Harbinger is Coming

Bethany's literary magazine features creative submissions of all types from Bethany students, with some new innovations this year.

Open Mic Night

Alpha Psi Omega continues a Bethany performing arts tradition this semester.

2013 Kalon Scholar Service Leaders Leadership Academy

Spotlight Article

New RAs on the Block

Three new Resident Assistants describe their motivations for joining the student life staff, and the challenges involved.

"Condom Fair" Promotes Health and Awareness

SAC partners with Awake and Alive Project founders and campus organizations to encourage STD awareness and prevention.

Interdisciplinary Life: Holly Hillgardner

Faith, reason, culture, and diversity. Religious Studies and Philosophy Professor Holly Hillgardner discusses her experience as both student and teacher.

"Noel and Gertie" Promises Elegance and Charm

“Iridescent, delightfully daring, with irreverent allusion to copulation!”

Photos: Periodic Table of Cupcakes

American Chemical Society selling cupcake "elements" today, Feb. 20 for $1 each as a fundraiser for their activities.

New Media Club Has Big Ambitions

The reinvented New Media Club offers opportunities for creative students.

Bethany Theatre Spring Preview

Homecoming Promises Busy Weekend

Both students and alumni look forward to celebrating Bethany's homecoming traditions.

Casting Call: Upcoming Auditions for Bethany Theatre

Auditions will be held on October 4 and 8 for several upcoming theater productions.

Homecoming 2012: Schedule

Students Join Pilgrimage to National Shrine

Bethany Students joined the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeling Charleston on a pilgrimage to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight for the week of Sept. 24, 2012.

Japanese Wedding Traditions Showcased

A showcase of traditional Japanese wedding attire and customs demonstrates the significance of marriage and marriage traditions in Japanese culture.

Bethany Students Encouraged to "Rock the Vote"

"Rock the Vote" event held by the Connection interfaith group and Student Activities Council registered students to vote in West Virginia and out of state. Politically active students want to see their peers get involved.

Faculty Spotlight

Faculty spotlight for the week of September 10, 2012.

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