Sept 26, 2012

TOWER staff writer

Photo by Nobuyuki Takana

A presentation of Japanese Wedding traditions was held Monday, Sept. 24 as part of the annual "Explore Japan" event, which was initiated in 1988 with a gift from Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan. The ceremony was presented by the Japanese Culture Club and Bethany College Japan Outreach, with support from Mizkan America, Inc. and Handa-Bethany Educational Exchange Program, and showcased Japanese wedding customs and dress to a large audience.

Commencement Hall was transformed into a Japanese wedding hall with traditional Japanese flooring, tapestry, and floral arrangements. The ceremony was presented by Fumiyo Iwadachi with Kimono Master Kiyoko Matsumono and her assistantsTaeko Kobayashi and Sayuri Kamiya. Students Mari Kolanko, Khristian Smith, and Alanna Hunter-Crump showcased typical Japanese wedding kimonos.

Photo by Nobuyuki Takana


Although Japanese culture has modernized greatly, traditional wedding practices are still highly respected. A marriage represents the forming of a bond between two families, and is taken very seriously.

After the ceremony, a light meal was provided by the Japanese Culture Club.   The menu featured a rice-based dish, vegetables, miso soup, green tea, and pocky (a Japanese candy). Food preparation was led by clubpresident Chelsea Marshall and Japan Outreach coordinator Nobuyuki Tanaka.





Photo by Fujiko Sawtarie
Photo by Fujiko Sawtarie

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