How to handle the stress of being a college student


TOWER staff writer

As we are all anxiously waiting to see our mid term grades, everyone is trying to make up the work that has fallen through the cracks throughout the first part of the semester as well as study for mid terms and turn in papers. The stress can be unbearable at times; I spoke with some students around campus and asked what they do when they get stressed. The question I asked students was “ What do you do when you are stressed out?” The first person I asked was Richard Oliver a senior theatre here at Bethany and he said “ Honestly, I shut down for a couple days and keep to myself and try to escape through music to take a break from reality.”  I also asked Anne Taylor a sophomore the same question and she said she usually talks to a friend about what is going on. And last but not least I asked a recent Bethany college alumni what she does when she gets stressed out and she says she either goes for a run or sits down and plays the piano, I personally sing when I get stressed out. Singing is my passion and it lets me release all of my emotions in a positive manner.

Some negative ways people deal with stress on Bethany’s campus is by drinking, and smoking. Students claim there is nothing else better to do on campus and they feel that is the only way to relieve the stress. Instead of drinking and smoking I suggest that students try some yoga that is proven to help relieve stress. Also aromatherapy is something very common on college campuses. According to meditating is the most common way to relieve stress and on the website it also says to take the time to relax and be present in that current moment and analyze what is going on around you. More tips that I found on is avoiding unnecessary stress. What this means is do not get into so much that you can’t concentrate on your schoolwork. You have to find a balance between your schoolwork and extra curricular activities. Remember you are always a student first and your first priority is to get good grades.

You also have to adjust your attitude, just because you are having a bad stressful day does not mean you have a bad life. If you learn how to manage your stress things will become a lot easier in life. One thing I learned to do is if I know a deadline is a week away I will make my own personal deadline a day or two before the real deadline so that I will have time to ask the professor questions about the assignment if needed and so that I will also have time to revise my work. Make sure to keep your head up and don’t get discouraged. Keep working hard to reach your goal at becoming a successful student. 


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