Homecoming Culture


TOWER Staff writer


            Can you imagine waking on a perfect Christmas morning? Your parents have the house spotless. There is a layer of snow outside. Un-opened presents are calling your name and a nice warm breakfast is waiting for you to eat.

Now, imagine the excitement you feel before you rip into your presents. That is the same energy alumni share when they come back to Bethany College for homecoming week; except not as innocent as the “gift of giving” holiday.

            As the Bethany campus prepares their security and resident assistants for this weekend, nothing can stop the culture of what homecoming usually brings to Bethany’s campus. Burning couches, high amounts of alcohol, and the possibility of alumni coming into your room drunk is the general culture for this weekend.

            So why does a school like Bethany hold such a weekend event for alumni to get away with this type of behavior? Well the answer is not simple, really. Alumni bring support to Greek life and Bethanian programs. A considerable amount of generous donations from alumni generally come from their impaired judgments of a day of drinking. So in a general view, money is the main reason why the behavior and culture continues.

            Just like the Christmas metaphor used in the beginning of the story; the staff of Bethany College makes sure that the campus is spotless. The layer of snow is the program across the beautiful campus supported by alumni. The un-opened presents is the generous donations that staff and students try to receive and that nice warm breakfast is the alcohol to put everyone in the mood.

            So what does this weekend bring to students? Besides free alcohol, high amounts of stress and the unnerving procrastination of doing homework and tests, nothing but pure fun. Sure the benefits from the weekend do weigh in with some negative effects but, if one is responsible the weekend is not that bad.

            Opportunities such as jobs and internships can arise for students and staff as well. Whenever there is a populated area of successful people out of college, what else can you expect? Last year homecoming brought me free help on a resume and a good contact for professional transitions.

            There is a positive and negative side to every culture in the world. Yes, there may be burning couches but for the most part, students are generally safe and responsible. 


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