Homecoming A Success?


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            To some who can remember, homecoming could have been the time of their life. There was alumni visiting, a cooled alcoholic beverage within inches of anyone on campus and an exciting football game. We were neck and neck with Grove City and escaped with a 34-31 victory. However, the talk of the town was the awesome tailgating experience in the parking lot during the game. I personally had my first this weekend and I must say I see why people began setting up hours before kickoff. The café served their usual leftovers but thank god for the tailgaters, clubs and fraternity/sorority tent that served food because like Vince Vaughn always says “it was phenomenal”. Afterwards, most of us showered then met back up pre-gamed and found somewhere to party before making our way to the infamous Bubbas. We drank, party some more and I’ll leave the other details quiet as kept. However in the morning, a selected few of us found some things not quite the way we left them.

            To begin with, a Bethany College alumni had a beer keg thrown through their car rear window allowing much more ventilation throughout the car but sadly also allowing access to someone vehicle. Another incident occurred with a resident having the dashboard and steering wheel lit on fire melting a portion of the dashboard along with the steering wheel, cup holders and a innocent McDonalds cup in the wrong place at the wrong time caught the short end of that stick as well. A grill was also stolen from the Black Alliance club and has still yet to be found and neither has the belongings of those residents living in Campbell Village 1 who had their room broken into this weekend. No culprit has been linked to these crimes committed and thus have been proven difficult to solve with the amount of visitors we had this week.

However, amidst satire its terrible that we as a school of adults still revert back to childish ways and in the end result the school as a whole cannot feel safe. Every year the level of severity hits its same pinnacle and this must stop. Especially during a weekend where we should show our school pride and integrity not tarnish our reputation. I hope my article has opened eyes on campus and we become consciously aware that our decisions can affect our peers and ourselves.


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