Gun Safety/ Signs of Danger

By Steven Newhall

TOWER Staff Writer


With gun safety going into reformation and laws being passed. Many schools across the nation are taking a second look on what they can do to provide a better safety to their environment.  However, what are the dangerous signs students should watch out for pertaining to gun safety.

Dr. Joseph Sison a leading Sacramento psychiatrist says that “If you find that a relative or friend isn't sleeping at night, you better gets someone to help them out,” He said lack of sleep is a indicator of emotional illness, along with changes in appetite and frequent mood swings.   

“Explosive behaviors to the extent of endangering other people or breaking things,” Sison said. “These problems don’t improve, they get worse. They look like they are internally preoccupied, like possibly hearing voices and looking away and feel paranoid," Sison said. “Those are also signs to look for. And if those start coming about, then you want to get professional help.”

If any student has shown any types of this behavior do not take it lightly. Students should look out for each other and use the sources that Bethany College supplies. The Bethany Collage has a security that is on call 24-7 and viability to a therapist throughout the whole week.


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