Greek Life at Bethany College


BETHANY W.Va - It means something to be a Bethanian.  There is a certain grand history that is tied to the college.  When you are a Bethanian, you cannot help but want to be immersed in all of the traditions and history that come with the school.  You want to know everything there is to possibly know about the place you call home for four years and for a lifetime.  Often there are parts of Bethany that the students never come to know.  This series is meant to teach those very parts.

In December of 1776 the first Greek organization was founded at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Since that time, Greek Life has been a staple at many colleges in America.  Bethany College is currently home to five fraternities and three sororities, though many other chapters have held a place on our campus throughout history.  Our current fraternities include Alpha Sigma Phi, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Tau and Sigma Nu.  The three active sororities on campus are Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Mu and Zeta Tau Alpha.  We have previously had an additional two sororities - Kappa Delta and Pi Beta Phi and two fraternities - Kappa Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Most notably, the national fraternity Delta Tau Delta was founded in the town of Bethany in 1858.  Eight Bethany College students first met and founded the Alpha Chapter of Delta Tau Delta.  Due to the Civil War’s effects on Bethany College and the members, the designation of “Alpha Chapter” moved to Ohio Wesleyan and then finally to its current location of Allegheny College.  The Bethany College Chapter would not reopen until 1867 giving it the new status as “Theta-Founding Chapter”.  

“It’s really special to be a member of the founding chapter of a national fraternity like Delt,” says junior and active President, R.J. Sinko.  “It really means a lot to take on the same values as the founders in 1858 and in the very same building!  It’s such a surreal experience when you think about it.”  

The Delta Tau Delta Founders House located in Historic Bethany, West Virginia was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.  The current house of Delta Tau Delta resides on Bado Place (Greek Hill) though formal chapter meetings are still held monthly in the original founding house.

Sinko said, “Being President of a chapter this special allows me to get emails all the time about other chapters wanting to visit.  It truly makes you feel proud to be at Bethany and be a member of the Theta-Founding Chapter.  It’s really cool that all these men that share the same values want to come visit and see where our ideals started.”

Through Greek Life, Bethanians are able to develop just another tie that makes Bethany their home for life.  


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