Freshman 15 and Weight Gain



TOWER Staff writer


“The Freshman 15." A phrase that, when heard, often leave heads hanging in shame. It’s not that weight gain is bad, some people may enjoy it—but it’s undeniable that Americans, while being the most obese culture, have an affinity for weight loss and thinness.

First year college students (but not limited to) are often subject to weight gain entering a new living environment such as college—boasting individual responsibility. Weight gain is all too common and regular. In practicality, the cultural ideology of being skinny is hard to maintain and falsely represented by digitally sculpted celebrity models.

Here at Bethany, it’s easy to eat nine chicken patties on “CPW,” that’s Chicken Patty Wednesday—and intake in one meal the calories of many. This type of “buffet” style dining is one initial pitfall that many first year college students fall into. It is easy to over eat due to freedom, lack of sleep, stress, boredom, or for contest. College food is often of low quality and similar to fast food—for it is served to the masses.

Alcohol consumption is also another new horizon that many first year college students encounter. Sometimes, even abused. Binge drinking, or frequent drinking, yields a massive amount of calories. Beers range from 140-240 calories each, and liquors 100 or less. With an unregulated lifestyle, similar to that of a binge eating, can lead to weight gain—the freshman 15.

But do not fear, if a healthy lifestyle is what you desire there are many simple habitual and routine changes that can be made. Weight gain often comes from over indulgence in the luxuries of the college environment. Proper sleep is necessary to discourage eating at night and to maintain regular energy levels throughout the day. A routine of 3 meals, or at least 4 smaller meals, evenly distributed, with fair portions each. Drink alcohol in moderation. Maintain your stress levels, which if are too high can lead to comfort eating. 

You can control your own life and not fall victim to clichés of college!



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