Finals Week at Bethany


BETHANY W.Va. - With summer right around the corner, college students still have to take one last exam for their classes to reach sweet freedom.  Finals week can be a stressful time for college students.  With multiple things going on towards the end of the semester, everything starts to pile up and students feel overwhelmed.

Stress levels at this time of year seem to be through the roof with students. Sophomore Kristen Ewing said, “I find finals week to be extremely stressful.  I’m a person who’s always gotten good grades, so I stress out a lot and get anxiety over finals.”

Sophomore Madison Ifft stated, “It forces you to cram everything from one semester into studying for one test and you have an hour and a half to put everything you know on paper.  It’s very frustrating.”

Sophomore Jesse Lathrop said, “I don’t think finals are any more stressful than a usual week with an exam or test.”

Students have multiple finals they have to study for, as well as projects that have to be completed during finals week.  Ewing commented, “I have five finals this semester plus a movie and honestly that’s too much for me.”  Ifft stated that she had four finals for the end of the semester.  Lathrop said he only had two finals and the rest of his classes are writing intensive without finals.

Students here at Bethany College have mixed emotions about finals.  Ewing stated, “I think finals are a good thing and a bad thing.  Finals can bring your grade down but also could help you.  I feel finals give students too much to worry about on top of other assignments or projects they have to do.  One school I know of does a dead week which means they get to study for finals.  I would love to have that, so it’s not one day after the next.”

Ifft said, “I do not feel that an exam portrays our knowledge correctly. I would much rather have a final project.  Tests cause too much stress and aren’t valid.” 

Lathrop said, “Finals are stressful, but they’re to be expected and are announced at the very beginning of the semester.”


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