Does College Prepare Students for the Real World?



BETHANY W.Va. – College helps students better themselves and prepares them for the real world. At least that is what we are told. Numerous amounts of students leave colleges and universities without any real world knowledge, such as what a 401K is, what a W-2 is, how to get a health insurance policy, how to have a good credit score, or knowing the interest rates on their student loans.

I asked a number of students whether college had provided them with this information and while some young adults knew a few answers, a majority of the students were completely in awe with not knowing the answers to these questions.

A 401K is a retirement plan. A person pays into this when they are employed.

A W-2 is a form you fill out in order to get your tax returns.

A person can get health insurance policies through their employer.

A good credit score can come from getting a credit card and paying it off over time and on time, or from having good general financial records.

Interest rates for student loans can be anywhere from 4.66% to 7.90%

College should help better provide young adults with information like this. It is information needed to make it in the real world and live your life without having to worry about money, bills, and more. It is a wonderful thing that college prepares you for your major, but other aspects of life should be included in the price you pay to go to an institution as well. 


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