TOWER staff writer

This is a special year for the Bethany Theatre, as five members have reached the point where they must embark on their Senior Projects. For three of them, it means taking to the stage and developing characters true to life; for the remaining two, it means tackling the technical aspects that keep the show running from off the stage. These two different sides of theatre are vital to a good performance.

The first project is a show entitled “Noel and Gertie”, the Senior Project of actor Andrew Ferguson. It is the story of the legendary Noel Coward and his stage partner Gertrude Lawrence. The play, which was written from diary entries and personal letters, is full of witty banter and songs in the classic style of the real Noel and Gertie. A guest artist, Kim Allison, brings her stunning voice to Bethany, in the role of Gertrude. The show is being held in Maxwell’s and will run February 28th through March 2nd.

The second Senior Project and final show of the season is a group project for Alex Tamsula, Shawn Holmes, James Lanzy, and Rich Oliver entitled “Spring Awakening”. This show takes both the actors and audience into a strict world where kids seem to be at war with the morals of their parents. This show has not been cast yet, but expects to welcome many new faces to the stage, including professors Dr. Harold Menz, Dr. Jay Libby and Dr. Jason Smith.

This theatre season at Bethany encompasses art, action, love, music, passion and humanity at their deepest roots. Theatre is a peephole into our deepest secrets and both of these shows are prime examples. This is a season you won’t want to miss, so keep an open mind and support Bethany Theatre.


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