Bethany’s 14th annual Valentine’s Day poetry reading



BETHANY W.Va. – It was almost too cold to feel the love in the air on Wednesday, February 14, but Bethanians and professors alike trudged through the snow to the Phillips Hall lounge for the Department of Humanities Valentine’s Day poetry reading. This was the department’s 14th annual reading. The tradition was brought to Bethany by Dr. Elizabeth Hull, whose specialty is in erotic poetry, which certainly rang true during her recitation of a colorful poem about sausages.

The audience was speckled with students of all majors and years sitting comfortably circled around the refreshments in the center of the stiff burgundy couches.

Senior education major Amanda Nielsen described the event as “a good time.” Nielsen stated that she thought “It was wonderful hearing and reading poetry. You hear really serious poetry, really funny stuff…” and, as Dr. Hull added, “really naughty poetry.”

When asked what got her interested in attending the event for her fourth year in a row, Nielsen responded, “I was napping in the lounge my freshman year when I was told to either grab something to recite or be prepared to be interrupted, so I participated.”

The group recited works in a variety of different styles, reading poems by well-known authors such as Pablo Neruda and William Shakespeare, and also songs like “Drunk in Love” by Beyonce and a few tunes by Justin Bieber. 


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