Bethany Holds Formal Spring Sorority Recruitment



BETHANY W. Va. - Every spring semester at Bethany College, Greek life takes in new members during formal recruitment week. Freshman and independent women go from house to house meeting and being hosted by each sorority so that by the end of the week, they can find their home away from home.

The sororities on Bethany campus are Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Mu, and Zeta Tau Alpha. Each house prepares intensively to welcome their new class of girls, and the week includes a lot of preparation, decorating, and practicing on the part of the sorority women.

This year, formal recruitment started on February 2 and ended on February 6. Each night of formal recruitment is different, and the rounds get more exciting as the week goes on.

Monday is philanthropy night. Each house explains to the potential new members (PNMs) about raising money and awareness for their philanthropy. Alpha Xi Delta’s philanthropy is Autism Speaks, Phi Mu’s is Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, and Zeta Tau Alpha’s is breast cancer education and awareness. Each year the houses raise money and awareness for their philanthropies with fun events such as selling baked goods and hosting events on campus, taking off-campus trips to sports games or historical sites, and more.

Tuesday night of recruitment is skit night.  Each house prepares a skit to show to the PNMs to let them know about some of the fun aspects of their house and Greek life in general. The sororities make humorous skits, but still talk about what they can do to help the new girls during their time in college. Many sororities offer scholarships and opportunities to help pay for tuition, electronics, books, and more.

Wednesday serves as a day off for both sorority women and PNMs.

Thursday is Preference night. Preference is the most important night to the Greek houses. Both the sorority women and PNMs dress up in formal attire and have a more intimate get-together than the previous two nights. The sorority women sing songs and sisters share stories of how their time in their sorority has impacted them.

Friday is bid night. All freshman and independent women stay inside of the Wellness Center while a few women from each house stand outside. Each PNM comes out one by one and goes to the girls representing the house she received a bid from. After each and every girl is let out, all of the sororities, along with their new members, run from the Wellness Center to their homes and celebrate throughout the evening with their new sisters. 


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