Bethany’s Different: 6 Tips for Freshman New to the Bethany College Lifestyle


 TOWER staff writer

            College is different and the thought of going to a new place and living a different life can be very scary. However there is no need to freight for these six tips are perfect for any freshman new to the Bethany College scene.

  1. Fear is Natural: You’re in a new place filled with people you have never seen before; it’s ok to have that feeling of fear bubble up inside you. The trick is to not let it control you, once you can get past that it’s natural to feel unsure of new surroundings, you can go out and meet new people and try new things.
  2. Forever Alone is NOT the Best Option: Theoretically one could go through four years of the college education keeping to themselves and talking very little and having no desire top form any relationship with another human being, but if that where the case then those four years would feel like forty. The truth is that just having one or two close friends to share the ups and downs of the college experience makes the four years here worthwhile.
  3. Your Professors are People Too: One of the biggest advantages that Bethany College has over bigger universities is that the Professors here are able to get to know each and every student on a more personal level. The quicker you realize that you can look up to your professors as colleagues, rather than as superior intellectuals, you will be able to get along with them more. Don’t be shocked if you ever see one of your teachers down at the bar, they like a good drink too.
  4. Moderation: Moderation is key when it comes to college life. It is the one thing that a lot of people have yet to learn even after four years here. First and foremost, know you own limits, especially when it comes to alcohol and other substances. Just because you are in college doesn’t me you are immortal.
  5. Don’t Forget this is School: People come to college to get an education and most of those people drop out because the education aspect of college goes to the back of the mind. Bethany offers a lot of student activities from clubs, to sports to Greek life but don’t forget Bethany was founded as a school not as a social playground
  6. Have Fun: The last tip is the most cliché tip, however that makes it one of the most valuable. College can be the worst 4 years of your life or it can be the best 4 years in your entire educational career. Treat College as a tutorial to real life, where mistakes can be made, lessons are learned and good times can be had. 

Remember these tips and the next years of your life here at Bethany will be good ones.


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