Bethany Celebrates Oktoberfest at Commencement Hall



BETHANY, W. Va - On Thursday evening at 5 p.m., Student Life and German Club hosted Bethany’s annual Oktoberfest celebration in Commencement Hall.

The event was open to all students and faculty with various types of German food and beverages.  The German food was provided by Chartwell’s and consisted of warm kielbasa and sauerkraut, spatzel, cabbage, German potato salad, cold German slaw salad, and soft pretzels.  The beverages that many indulged in were very typical drinks served with meals, however for those of age were permitted to taste a seasonal Oktoberfest flavored beer brewed by Great Lakes Brewery as well as Coors Light.

Commencement Hall was lively with students and faculty as German style music was playing throughout the speakers to set a friendly, festive environment for those who were enjoying the event.

Drake Duncan, the president of German Club, could be seen and heard walking around from table to table, providing two different chances to win a $15 Chamber’s gift card, an incentive for those who were in attendance.  The first chance was a quiz of Oktoberfest, which asked questions about Oktoberfest and provided knowledge that might not have been known by those who entered Oktoberfest.  The next chance was a glass drinking boot filled with gummy bears.  The person with the closest guess of how many gummy bears inside of that boot would win the enticing gift card.

Another event that was available for those to participate in was the holding of the liter mug filled with water.  The objective of this was to hold the mug straight out in front of your body for as long as possible.  Everyone from students to professors were seen showcasing their strength and endurance, trying to hold the mug until their arms started to shake.

Other things set up to entertain were topping filled caramel apple station and cardboard cut outs to take pictures in, as well as socializing with members of Student Life, students, and faculty.  This event was a great turn out as people were in and out of the Hall at all times throughout the evening. 

Bethany’s Oktoberfest that was held in October, unlike the real Oktoberfest which is held in September, was a great event for those to kick start Halloween weekend and get their own taste for what Oktoberfest can be.  




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