Adventures of Jason Todd as RedHood



TOWER staff writer

Imagine you had a partner in crime, you protect your city day and night, and one day your greatest enemy takes your partner away from you as a victim forever. What would you do if your partner mysteriously returns from the dead as a villain?

Gotham’s dark knight, Batman, essentially faces this dilemma with the character known as Red Hood. The origin of Red Hood dates back to 1951.  The character first appeared in the comic in issue # 168 in the detective comics of Batman. At the end of the issue, Batman tries to rescue the Red Hood but fails and Red Hood falls into a pool of chemicals. The chemicals leave the villain unmasked and with a permanent smile on his face. The villain that was once Red Hood returns as Batman’s greatest villain to date, the Joker.

Batman adopts a new partner, Jason Todd, when Batman’s first partner as Robin moved on to become Night Wing. Jason Todd and Batman worked for years as partners until the Joker devised a plan to separate the two and kill Jason Todd. The Joker captures Jason and ties him to a wooden chair while beating him with a crow bar.

Batman finds Jason’s body on the floor when it was too late and takes him back to the Wayne manner where he was buried. Little did Batman know, Raz-Al-Gul, Batman’s first trainer and antagonist unburied Jason and put him in his lazirist pit. The lazirist pit rejuvenates Raz-Al-Gul and keeps him from aging. Raz-Al-Gul puts Jason in the lazirist in a hope to bring Jason back as a token of piece for Batman.

Jason comes back from the dead with the anger and pain he felt when the Joker killed him. Jason was also angry with Batman when he found out that Batman did nothing to the Joker when he was dead. Jason became obsessed with revenge to kill the Joker and all the villains that batman choose not to kill. Jason choses to become a secretive aliases and Batman’s reminder of his first mistake, Red Hood.   



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